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Usage of Printing Permission

2015-08-15 Source:www.ccc-certificate.org.cn
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The information of the printing permission is stored in the CNCA database and is therefore subject to the constant surveillance of the Chinese customs.

To ensure proper use of the mark approval, the change obligations of certified products such as the expiration date of the corresponding CCC certificates must be observed. The validity of the approval mark is aimed in accordance with the recent announcement of CNCA after the expiration date of the corresponding CCC certificates.

  1. Check of Certification Obligation
  2. Submission of Application Files
  3. Review of Application Files
  4. Type Test
  5. Factory Inspection
  6. Issuance of CCC Certificate
  7. Application for Printing Permission
  8. Usage of Printing Permission
  9. Completion of Certification
  10. Prescribed Sampling Test
  11. Follow Up Inspection
  12. Mandatory Change Application
  13. Charges