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Completion of Certification

2015-08-15 Source:www.ccc-certificate.org.cn
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The issuance of the CCC Certificate marks the completion of the certification.

The certificates are valid for 5 years. Within the validity period, the validity of the certificate depends on the result of the follow-up inspection carried out by the certification authority.

A new certification order must be submitted 90 days before the validity expiry of the certificate by the contracting authority, provided that any further use of the certificate is desired. The certification authority shall directly issue a new certificate within the validity period of the certificate at the last successful follow-up inspection.

  1. Check of Certification Obligation
  2. Submission of Application Files
  3. Review of Application Files
  4. Type Test
  5. Factory Inspection
  6. Issuance of CCC Certificate
  7. Application for Printing Permission
  8. Usage of Printing Permission
  9. Completion of Certification
  10. Prescribed Sampling Test
  11. Follow Up Inspection
  12. Mandatory Change Application
  13. Charges