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2015-08-15 Source:www.ccc-certificate.org.cn
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The certification fees shall be collected by the certification organization and/or the lab as per the national billing rates for the compulsory product certification.

The certification organization shall, based on the state provisions regarding the criteria of billing man-day quantity for the initial factory examination and follow-up inspection in the billing standard for compulsory product certification, rationally determine the concrete number of billing man-days.

  1. Check of Certification Obligation
  2. Submission of Application Files
  3. Review of Application Files
  4. Type Test
  5. Factory Inspection
  6. Issuance of CCC Certificate
  7. Application for Printing Permission
  8. Usage of Printing Permission
  9. Completion of Certification
  10. Prescribed Sampling Test
  11. Follow Up Inspection
  12. Mandatory Change Application
  13. Charges