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Follow Up Inspection

2015-08-15 Source:www.ccc-certificate.org.cn
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The certification organization shall exercise effective follow-up inspection over the certified products and their production enterprises, so as to demonstrate that the production enterprise’s COP control could keep complying with the certification requirements and assure that the certified products could keep satisfying the standard requirements and retain the consistency with the approved product.

The follow-up inspection shall encompass, to the minimum, the following contents:

(1) The actual execution status of the COP control plan, incl. the executive report on COP control plan accomplished by the manufacturer or production enterprise as per Annex 2 to the Implementation Rules;
(2) Structure and parameters of the certified product (incl. model, specifications and critical components) and on-site designated test of certified product (picked out of the
COP control plan);
(3) Use status of the certification mark and the certificate;
(4) Rectification measures for the non-conformity items in the immediately previous factory inspection, and demonstration of its effectiveness.
(5) Other factory inspection requirements from the certification organization.

  1. Check of Certification Obligation
  2. Submission of Application Files
  3. Review of Application Files
  4. Type Test
  5. Factory Inspection
  6. Issuance of CCC Certificate
  7. Application for Printing Permission
  8. Usage of Printing Permission
  9. Completion of Certification
  10. Prescribed Sampling Test
  11. Follow Up Inspection
  12. Mandatory Change Application
  13. Charges