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Certification Process

2015-08-15 Source:www.ccc-certificate.org.cn
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The acquisition of the CCC certificate (China Compulsory Certificate) requires a successfully completed certification, which consists of many small steps. For this purpose, the CNCA has promulgated product-related Implementation Rules for the China Compulsory Certification.
The need for certification time depends on product groups, scope and availability of certification authorities from. According to § 6.4 of the implementing rules on the CCC certification, however, is required by a directional Processing Time: The issuance of the certificate takes place normally within 90 days after the receipt of the application process by the Certification Authority.
According to the Implementation Rules, the process of the entire certification can be described as following:


Check of Certification Obligation

Whether a certain kind of product is CCC mandatory or not, one shall refer to the Chapter Scope of the product specified Implementation Rules. Furthermore, consideration shall be given to the jointly published by the AQSIQ and CNCA catalog of CCC-duty products.

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Submission of Application Files

The certification consigner shall, after the application is accepted, furnish the certification organization and/or designated lab with the related application documents and technical documentation as per the requirements of the certification plan, usually including: (1) Application form for cer…

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Review of Application Files

The certification consignor shall submit all documents listed in the list. The application documents shall be verified, managed, stored and kept secret by the certification organization. In addition, the outcome of the review shall be notified to the customer by the certification organization.

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Type Test

The concept of the Type Test required for the CCC certification is comparable to the "type approval" known in the western countries. Analogous to the type approval of vehicles and vehicle parts in accordance with the ECE Regulations, the applicant of the CCC certification has also to submit sample …

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Factory Inspection

The factory inspection is also known as an "audit". Factory inspection represents the assessment carried out by the certification body as to inspect whether the COP control system of the manufacturer or production enterprise could meet the certification requirements. The initial factory inspecti…

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Issuance of CCC Certificate

The certification organization unfolds comprehensive evaluation to the type test result, the result of initial factory inspection and related documents /information; given satisfactory evaluation results, the certificate will be issued for each certification unit; otherwise, the certification shall…

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Application for Printing Permission

All certified products must be marked with a CCC logo. The CCC Mark is either to be used as a standardized label issued by the CNCA or to be attached in form of a self-printed labels or to be implemented in other ways such as injection molding, laser, printing, engraving, press, etc. on the prod…

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Usage of Printing Permission

The information of the printing permission is stored in the CNCA database and is therefore subject to the constant surveillance of the Chinese customs. To ensure proper use of the mark approval, the change obligations of certified products such as the expiration date of the corresponding CCC cer…

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Completion of Certification

The issuance of the CCC Certificate marks the completion of the certification. The certificates are valid for 5 years. Within the validity period, the validity of the certificate depends on the result of the follow-up inspection carried out by the certification authority. A new certification …

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Prescribed Sampling Test

The certification authority reserves the right to conduct a sampling test in indefinite intervals. The scope of testing is usually comparable with that of the type test. The certificate holder has to submit the sample test products to designated laboratory.

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Follow Up Inspection

The certification organization shall exercise effective follow-up inspection over the certified products and their production enterprises, so as to demonstrate that the production enterprise’s COP control could keep complying with the certification requirements and assure that the certified product…

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Mandatory Change Application

If there is change in obligation due to renewal of the Implementing Rules and GB standards, the certification authority shall make this known online, and so to inform the certified companies by fax, e-mail about this. Upon receipt of this notice each certified company has submitted an amendment …

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The certification fees shall be collected by the certification organization and/or the lab as per the national billing rates for the compulsory product certification. The certification organization shall, based on the state provisions regarding the criteria of billing man-day quantity for the in…

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  1. Check of Certification Obligation
  2. Submission of Application Files
  3. Review of Application Files
  4. Type Test
  5. Factory Inspection
  6. Issuance of CCC Certificate
  7. Application for Printing Permission
  8. Usage of Printing Permission
  9. Completion of Certification
  10. Prescribed Sampling Test
  11. Follow Up Inspection
  12. Mandatory Change Application
  13. Charges