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CCC Certification

“CCC” is the abbreviation of “China Compulsory Certification”, which is in the Peoples’ Republic of China more commonly known as “3C Certification” or “3C Certificate”. For Certification for India such as AIS, ARAI, BIS, WPC, TEC and PESO please check  www.certification-india.com

Legal Basis of CCC Certification

§1 General Principles

1) The present Regulations on the CCC Certification (hereafter referred to as "Regulations"), compiled on the basis of Regulations on Certification and Accreditation of the Peoples’ Republic of China, aim to enhance the effectiveness of the certification and to ensure the common interest of the state, society and public. 2) In order to ensure human, animal and plants safety, environmental prot…

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§2 Implementation of the Certification

7) The fundamental norms of the CCC Certification shall be formulated and promulgated by the AQSIQ and CNCA. The Implementation Rules of the CCC Certification (hereinafter referred to as "Implemention Rules") shall be formulated and promulgated by the CNCA. 8) The CCC certification is to be enforced by one selected mode or a combination of the following: • Technical appraisal • Type-test • …

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§3 Certificate und CCC Marking

20) The form and content of the CCC Certificate as well as the layout and types of the CCC Mark are to be formulated by the CNCA. 21) The CCC Certificate shall at least include the following: • Name and address of the certification consignor • Name and address of the producer (manufacturer) • Name and address of the appointed production enterprise (if needed) • Name, series, specificatio…

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§4 Supervision and Managing

34) The CNCA is responsible for supervising the certification, inspection and testing activities carried out by the certification organizations and shall supervise the certification organizations and laboratories annually as well as check the individual points in indefinite intervals. 35) The certification organizations have to inform the CNCA and the provincial Quality and Technical Supervisi…

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§5 Penal Provisions

49) Any uncertified CCC mandatory products, which left the factory, have been sold, imported or used in other business activities, are to be punished by the provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Authorities and Administrations for Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine in accordance with Art. 67 of the Regulations on the Certification and Accreditation of the People's Republic of China. …

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§6 Supplementary Provisions

60) The costs incurred for the CCC certification shall be levied in accordance with the relevant state laws. 61) The AQSIQ reserves the final interpretation of the present Regulations. 62) The present Regulations shall come into forth on Sept 1st, 2009. The Administrative Regulations on the China Compulsory Regulations promulgated by the AQSIQ on December 3rd, 2001 shall be abolished herewi…

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